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I am an independent developer, and I am a problem solver. I have spent years developing systems for myself and others. Many years ago, I built a complete management system for a local textile company. That system was based on a single instruction from the plant manager when he said "I want a system to mange everything". It took me about 4 years, but I built a system to manage that business. That system was responsible for customer management, invoicing, inventory control, and monitoring of the machines themselves. The entire system was browser based, including the packing stations where they printed the labels. This was back in the late 90s when nobody was taking the web seriously. After that, I worked for a computer consulting firm in a larger city. I worked with some web development but mostly it was application level programming. I elevated myself to lead developer in a short amount of time because I got in there and was figuring things out to make the systems work. I found out after a while that it was impossible to get anything done because I was constantly in meetings discussing problems and not solving them. I got soured on the entire industry and had to get away. So, because I was young and adventurous, I changed careers completely and drove a truck for 20 years all over the US and Canada.

I toyed with starting my own computer company a couple of times, but found that I almost had to work for a firm if I want back in. So I continued to drive a truck. Until recently, I was a truck driver for a trucking company based in North Dakota. Their website was a terrible looking WordPress site that really needed improving. WordPress is great BUT it has a huge install base and is the target of many attacks. There are thousands of "plug-ins" to extend functionality and those are new vectors for attacks. Plus, the code base is huge and unnecessary for many applications. I saw an opportunity and started developing my own framework to use instead of WordPress. I thought that maybe that would allow me to work for myself and help companies with their web presence. I converted that company's corporate site over and also built a site primarily used for recruiting. I administered their web server (running Linux) to make sure they are secured and up to date.

While developing the framework, I learned about SEO and making everything work properly with Google and Bing. I also learned more about graphic editing and creation along with video editing. I learned how to make everything "responsive" and look properly on any device it is displaying it's content. Basically, I learned what I needed to know to create a website that I am proud of.

So, I welcome you to Web Weaver Systems. I am on my own and offering this framework, SEO, general Linux administration, system integration, or a general problem where you think I might be helpful. Call
(540)739-2558 or text to discuss any technology problems you are having.
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