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I am an “old school” developer which means I write all of the code by hand instead of using any sort of development environment. Most program development is currently done with some sort of IDE or Integrated Development Environment. These environments provide many tools and can make creation of programs much quicker. I have resisted these “tools” since they started showing up years ago because I prefer to write the code myself from scratch. The method I use is not quicker, but there is also not a large “black box” of code that I am relying on to make my program work properly. If you use an IDE to create a program and something changes with the environment, then unforeseen problems can appear in your code. The way that I create programs makes it much easier for me to change the code because I created myself.

What I am doing is creating my own framework, which is a sort of IDE, but it is my own design and code so I don’t have any of the problems described above. I started doing this in the effort to make this my first job and not my second. I specifically designed this framework to be “responsive” which means that the same code looks good on desktop and mobile devices.

Development and Hosting Services

  • Simple website – I can create you a website for your customers to find information about you and your business. This is typically described as a “Business Card” site but can contain much more information than a small business card. They are usually a homepage, an about us page and a contact us page. If you already have a logo and images, I can put you one of these sites together in about 48 hours at a cost of $130 flat with nothing else added, I will email you the complete site and you can put it on your own host. If you need me to host it, Simple Hosting is $5 per month and it is great for micro businesses or if you are just getting started. Simple Hosting does not include traffic monitoring but does include our in-house backup and monitoring systems just like our full Managed Hosting clients receive.
  • Multi-page complex dynamic website with graphics and videos. We can help at every level and create graphics and videos or use yours. Call to discuss your specific needs but these are usually $260 with nothing extra. We will quote you based on your needs. Managed Hosting for these sites include full analytics and traffic monitoring so you can see where your visitors are coming from, and what sort of device they are using on your site.
  • Internal Lead Generation - Create your own lead generation site and qualify them with questions you customize. These leads can then be emailed to you or can also be integrated into a current system (depending on the system, call for details). Example of lead generation is at the
  • https://drivehollandenterprises.com site.
  • These leads are gathered and fed into TenStreet, their ATS (Application Tracking System).
  • Managed Hosting is $25 per month per site and includes 5 email addresses. All of our sites and services are hosted on DigitalOcean dedicated servers and use a backup and monitoring systems developed in-house. Managed Hosting is included if you use any of our other Online Services.
  • Managed Email Service. We will host email for your domain. If you have your domain hosted with us, 5 email addresses are include and any extra are $5 for each additional address.

Other Services

  • Logo Design - $65 for logo creation based on or single image editing. Call to discuss your needs.
  • Video/Photograph Creation and Editing - $65 per hour for on-location and/or editing based on your specifications. Images on this site are examples of our work. Video example is on the https://driveforholland.com site.

Live sites running this framework.

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