Geek Speak Blog - Long Overdue Update

Long Overdue Update

Dwayne (
Wed 02/22/23 12:13 PM

This will be the first entry into the blog that shows progress on how the business is going.

I've been making a lot of progress on my framework. I spent time streamlining some of the code, and I also spent a lot of time working on the security aspect. I'm trying to do a stateless existence so I don't have to use cookies to maintain security. As it stands today, there are a lot of things that are done. I have even put together the beginnings of the blog system, which is what you are viewing now if you're looking at them primary site. I don't have everything done, and if I am being honest, I will never get everything put in that I want to do.

I also am creating a Frequently Asked Question section that will be editable easily by the administrators of the site. It would use a technique to show random questions on pages or the site. I use the same technique for the reviews currently.

After 2 years, I do have an official name for the framework. I don't want to announce that yet because I don't have the site done for it. I want to develop the logo and get the site going before I say anything.

After some long consideration, I decided to create an example WordPress site. I have worked with WordPress quite extensively in the past and it is the main reason why I wanted to create my own framework. There are a lot of hassles with maintaining a WordPress site. Don't get me wrong, there are a huge selection of great plugins that you can get to expand the functionality of your site and it is a very powerful system. It has many drawbacks also. Bringing in all of that additional code creates additional layers of problems. Unless you spend time and develop absolutely everything yourself, there is no way to stay on top of security problems that are created. I do not want to spend time and become an expert WordPress developer. I would much rather do everything myself, so I started developing my own framework a couple of years ago. I created the blog because many companies are so tied into WordPress that they cannot just abandon it. I want to show that I can help them when they need WordPress assistance. You can access the WordPress site at

Next time, I will discuss the new system I am developing for checking system uptime and statistics. Currently, this system is and it's infancy but does have the ability to message me if one of the servers go down. I get a notification within seconds if there's a problem. Hopefully the next time that I make a post I will have a little more done and I can show it off.

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