Online Services

You might already have a website up and running, but you are not getting the traffic that you should. Getting a website up is only a piece of the puzzle to make your online picture complete.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimizations) - Building a website is only one part of establishing an effective online presence. You don't just build your website for the users, the search engines need to be able to read your site properly. Many sites are not configured properly and the search engines will not rank your content properly. Making sure that the search engines see your site properly is the difference between people find you or finding your competition.
  • Google & Bing Business Page and Map Management. - These pages work in conjunction with the search engines and Google/Bing Maps. Information on these pages are very effective methods for increasing the amount of people that will see your message. This information needs to be handled properly and we can help get it right.
  • Social Media Management - Most small business traffic start with social media but they don't have the time to manage it properly if at all. Facebook Pages can generate a tremendous amount of interest in your products or services and traffic to your website. We can get your social media pages configured properly and either advise you how to create effective posts, or create the posts themselves.
  • Ad Management - Create and manage Facebook or Google Ads for your business. We will use your images and generate the text for your ads and monitor and adjust them as needed. We will maximize your budget to get as many responses to your message as possible.
  • Outside Lead Generation - Lead Generation is differentl from the above Ad Managemen above. This service is used to generate dedicated leads based on your advertisements from either your primary site or an additional site dedicated to lead generation.
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