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You might already have a website up and running, but you are not getting the traffic that you should. Getting a website up is only a piece of the puzzle to make your online picture complete.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimizations) - Building a website is only one part of establishing an effective online presence. Making sure that the search engines see your site properly is the difference between people find you or finding your competition. Regular SEO management $130 per month, Deluxe SEO Management is $195 per month and that includes backlink monitoring and submission to all of the quality website directories and lists.
  • Google & Bing Business Page and Map Management. - These pages work in conjunction with the search engines and Google/Bing Maps. I will also make 2 posts a month on these platforms to create more traffic to your website or calls to your business. These are very effective methods for increasing the amount of people that will see your message. This service is $130 per month for both Google and Bing pages.
  • Social Media Management - Most small business traffic start with social media but they don't have the time to manage it properly if at all. Facebook Pages can generate a tremendous amount of interest in your products or services and traffic to your website. I can help you by creating posts about upcoming events, news, and other information to help drive interest in your business. I can make 2 posts a month, then monitor comments and reactions to your page for $130 per month. If you need more posts, they are an additional $65 per post.
  • Ad Management - Create and manage Facebook or Google Ads for your business. I will use your images and generate the text for your ads and monitor and adjust them as needed. I will maximize your budget to get as many responses to your message as possible. Ad Management for either Facebook or Google ads is $195 per month and if you want both Facebook and Google Ad Management, it will be $325 per month. **Ad Management will depend on your advertising budget for these platforms. Call us for details.
  • Outside Lead Generation - Lead Generation is an add-on to the above Ad Management service we offer. This service is used to generate dedicated leads based on your advertisements. This service is an additional $65 per month for either Facebook or Google, $130 for both
  • Full Service - This is all of the services we offer for one price. Deluxe SEO Management, Google & Bing Page and Map Management, Social Media Management, and Ad Management is normally $910 but I am offering all of these services for $728 per month (20% discount).
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