Data Recovery

Hard drives crash every day. Years of data that doesn't have a backup can appear to be lost and not recoverable. In some cases, this is true. But, in many cases, there are errors on the drive that can make it look like everything is gone. You can look up "hard drive recovery specialists" online and find many options. They offer "clean rooms repairs" and other things that many people simply don't need. Sure, they are needed for major hard drive crashes where the drive needs to be taken apart to try to retrive some of the data. They charge an exorbanate amount for these services because they are expensive to operate. These services can charge over $1,000 per drive for their work. Most people, including those that look well beyond repair, just have a simple error that is causing their problem and need a simple solution.

We offer that simple solution for a flat rate of $130 per drive for labor plus necessary equipment charge and shipping to you if required. If you have a spare hard drive, we only charge the labor charge plus shipping. We have a procedure that we follow to a to carefully examine your drive for errors and attempt to repair those errors enough to recover the data. Sometime this process can take hours or even days to run, but we still only charge the labor fee. Just like those clean room solutions, this process is not guaranteed to work. Sometimes, the drive is too badly damaged to retrieve any data. If this is the case, we only charge a one hour fee of $65 for the attempt.

You can give us a call and if you are local to us, we can come by, pick up the drive and return with a spare. If you are anywhere in the United States, you can ship it to us for recovery and we can ship a drive back with your recovered data.

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