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New Beginnings

Dwayne (
Thu 11/03/22 08:57 PM

This blog in general will be about different technologies past, present and future. I will also give company information and news that hopefully real people can use.

To start off, I will introduce Web Weaver Systems. WWS recently opened our doors and are offering our services all over the NRV. We are based in Dublin, VA and offer various computer consulting services to the area. Among other things, you can think of us as a "tech concierge" where we can help with a variety of tech problems and questions. Some of the services are web development and hosting for your websites, email hosting if you want and alternative to Gmail, virus removal for when your computer is going very, very slow, and data recovery for when your hard drive crashes. These are easy to define, but we also help with your general tech problems. Here are just a few examples of problems we can help with:

  • Setting up your new Smart TV
  • Home Wifi not working properly
  • Removing your name from "people search" websites
  • In-person instruction on your smartphone or smart TV
  • Home network problems
This is just a small sample of what we can do to help out members of our community. Give us a call if you have any general tech questions. We don't charge if we can answer your questions over the phone. If you feel overwhelmed by technology and need some guidance, give us a call and let us help. 540-739-2558.

In other news, we joined the Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce and will be attending the Annual Meeting on November 17th to introduce ourselves to our fellow members. We also have recently been approved by the Better Business Bureau and posted links to both of these memberships on our homepage here.
Check out these links on our new shortcut site:
WWS Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce page -
WWS Better Business Bureau page -

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