System Cleanup

Just like your car that you spent all of that money on, your computer is a major investment. Your car needs oil changes, tires, brakes, and many other things we call “regular maintenance”. You can go for a while without changing the oil in your car, but ignore it and your engine will fail much sooner than it should. If you want your car to run for years, you need to do regular maintenance, and your computer is no different.

As you use you computer is normally used, programs are installed, updated, and sometimes uninstalled. These programs also have "temporary" files that are used and normally discarded. The problem is, some of these files are not deleted and stick around until they are manually removed Not removing them will eat up your hard drive space. This is just one of the many problems that can cause your computer to come to a crawl.

Just as you don't want to wait until your engine locks up before you take it to a mechanic, you don't want to wait until your computer is unusable before reach out for help. We run the latest cleaning and removal software available and check for any underlying problems that can cause future problems. This clean usually takes about 24 hours and the price includes pickup and delivery to your location. We will contact you if the processes is taking longer due to infections, but we will not charge you anything extra.

As part of this service, we also perform a system diagnostic and ensure that your operating system us updated so you have the latest protection.

What we can also set you up with a Managed Service program where we can help watch your system and let you know when there might be potential problems and help you to prevent them. Learn more about that by clicking the Managed Services option in the menu above.

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